Bosch Thermotechnology

Sustainable cooperation between Bosch and TVT directed towards minimum stock and handling for maximum quality and efficiency.

TVT Springs has been enjoying an intensive cooperation for several decades now with Bosch Thermotechnology in Deventer, supplier of products such as the well-known NEFIT central heater boilers.

Rob ter Beek is logistic manager and therefore responsible for timely and accurate supply of the parts that are required for the assembly of the various boilers. TVT Springs supplies a wide range of suspension connectors that are applied at multiple connection points in the various types of boilers. ‘With the help of TVT Springs we have succeeded in arranging our supply of materials according to the Lean-manufacturing philosophy where stock and handling are kept to a minimum. The joint objective of Bosch and TVT Springs is to pursue 100% quality while ruling out any possibility for mistakes. We strive for minimum handling within the logistic and production processes and an optimal streamlining of stock and production’, Rob ter Beek summarizes their method of operation.

As pilot-partner, TVT Springs has been closely involved with the implementation of the Lean-manufacturing method. The tangible result of this is the guaranteed shipment of the appropriate springs ‘in the line’ within 24 hours. To this end Bosch and TVT Springs use a computerised Kanban supply-on-demand system. The suspension connectors are shipped per product type in crates featuring a unique code that is scanned as soon as the crate is empty, which is then automatically followed by a new order. A forecast system ensures perfect harmonisation of production and stock, allowing for minimum stocking without running the risk of production stalling. An important element streamlining this stocking programme is that Bosch supplies TVT Springs with the appropriate packaging for each product to be shipped. As a result, all TVT’s products are available for assembly at the Bosch plant in the predesignated packaging within 24 hours.

Constructive cooperation

‘What’s great about working with TVT Springs is that everything always goes smoothly’. They are very approachable and proactive in thinking with us on the further improvement and sophistication of our automated processes. This all happens in that typical Twent’s down to earth way with that focus on getting things done’, highlights Rob ter Beek who speaks from his position as logistic manager: ‘I am very pleased with the functioning of the supply-and-demand system. In fact we don’t even have to pay it any mind as everything just runs the way it should’. Similarly, this constructive way of working together is clearly evident on the technological side of the sustainable cooperation between Bosch Thermotechnology and the experts at TVT Springs.