Berco Truck Components

Quality consistency and social responsibility: Foundation of relationship between Berco and TVT

‘Every product of TVT functions exactly the way it should.  Providing consistent quality in combination with outstanding manufacturing capabilities and cost-efficient shipping, TVT offers an optimal price-quality ratio. This is what we at Berco continuously work towards in cooperation with Technische Veren Twente.’ Berco’s purchase manager Tony Roodnat comments that TVT has been a very constructive and enjoyable business partner for fifteen years now. Located in Schijndel, Berco is a TIER 1- supplier of truck bed-systems according to the highest automotive standards for large truck manufacturers such as DAF, Scania and Daimler Benz. This status requires great confidence in an important TIER 2- supplier like TVT. And that confidence is there. ‘At Berco we have the technical resources and capabilities for the in-house management of our new products up to about 80% of product completion. That remaining 20%, generally speaking, is where TVT enters the picture as an invaluable partner ensuring optimal and sustainable quality and functionality at a competitive price.’ Tony Roodnat explains that the technical springs in each Berco product serve to create a specific motion, thereby tolerating zero compromise on functionality. ‘This consistency of quality is the trademark of TVT’.

A very different aspect reinforcing the bond between Berco and TVT throughout the years is the conscious choice to work with employees who have fewer opportunities in the job market. ‘People we prefer to describe as colleagues with hidden talents. We appreciate TVT integrating similar forms of cooperation within its own production’, emphasises Tony Roodnat.

All in all this fruitful cooperation has earned Berco an excellent reputation as a supplier to the above mentioned truck manufacturers. Currently, there are 24 types of technical springs, largely varying in size and performance, being directly incorporated by Berco in compound moving parts. Each time Berco is approached by a client to develop new parts, TVT is asked to think along right from the early design stage to guarantee the quality consistency that is demanded from Berco. This special responsibility has been in good hands with the engineers and product developers at Technische Veren Twente for 15 years. TVT’s input has proven invaluable in every new moving concept developed by Berco.